Stigma Search Portland

Online Brand Protection

A service that removes infringing listings online.

Increase your revenue, brand quality and reputation by protecting your Intellectual Property online.


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    Website Protection

    Your brand is protected on over 150 websites. These sites cover all major auction sites, eCommerce sites(B2C), and wholesale(B2B).

  • Search Engine Protection

    Results returned from search engines will be monitored and removed if they lead to a website selling products that infringe on your intellectual property.

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    Daily Monitoring

    Through our software and technology, your brand is protected everyday. Counterfeiters do not get a chance to list and sell.

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    See what products, sellers and websites were removed. Download bulk data if you prefer your own program. View listings by logging on.

Why Protect Your Brand?

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  • Increase your Revenue

    Customers will be buying your products instead of buying a counterfeit. Marketing campaigns go a lot further, as they no longer benefit counterfeiters.

  • Protect your Brand's Image and Reputation

    Your brand image, quality, reviews, have a direct connection to sales. Unchecked counterfeiters will slowly destroy your brand with inferior manufacturing, and service.

  • No need to send out Cease and Desist Letters

    Since website listings and search engine results are monitored and fake products and links removed, there is no need to send out legal notices.

  • Easy to Set Up

    Register and authorize us to remove online listings that violate your Intellectual Property. That is all. Stigma Search will start protecting your brand.


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